SGA Holds Door Decorating Contest


Decorating any object allows an individual to express his or herself. Decorations also have the ability to convey specific ideas that the artist intends. SGA hosted a door decorating contest to enhance school spirit. This years theme was “HP United!” to show unity at High Point. Many teachers and students decorated their homeroom classes’ doors to further lift school spirit and create a more meaningful message to students like representing diversity as the core of the community at High Point.

While examining the decorated door, the judges (Dr. Bell-Smith, Dr. Humphrey, and Justin Anderson- SGA President)   looked for specific characteristics. The decorated door had to be memorable and fully conveys the intended message of unity. The door also had to be appealing and constructed neatly. Finally, the door had to be creative and original. Many staff members entered the contest, but only 2 teachers won. The first place award for an exceptionally decorated door were Paz-Welch & Edwards. The runners-up were room 236 (Dr. Stone and Ms. Lawson) and Room 200 (Ms. Snyder/King & Ms. Ahearn).  Both first place and runners-up won free breakfasts and free tickets to class night. All of the teachers did an exceptional job at trying to represent unity hopefully their message was heard.