High Point’s Art Show


Every year High Point hosts an event called the Art Show in the auditorium. At the show, students display a variety of their works to show their creativity. The show is not just for the AP Art students but also beginner and intermediate art students. Even students that do not take any art classes may turn in their work. It is a spectacular sight to see and to be inspired by. If you had not been to the art show this year, then come next year. Each year is a refreshing sight to see.

         Out in the main lobby displays works from photography, computer graphics, and beginner/intermediate classes. Each artwork are interesting in their own way.

         AP Art students display their works that they have done so far this year. They display their concentration pieces on stage and breadth pieces all over the auditorium. All of the works displayed are unique to each individual. The amount of time and effort placed in each artwork is phenomenal that you would even have to stand for a couple minutes to admire their pieces.

         We would like to thank these students for allowing us to display their artwork to represent the artistic side of High Point. They have worked hard and we admire their devotions and efforts. Thank you to the Art Department teachers/staff that allowed the Art Show to occur.