Changing Reality

Changing Reality

Michael Soreng, Writer

Virtual reality, a separate dimension, was only a figment of our imagination till now.  With upcoming new technologies that make virtual reality possible such as the Oculus Rift, reality itself is changing for some people.

Teacher at High Point High School, Mr. William Wisniewski, says, “Virtual reality is the viewing of a very life-like scenario through video and sometimes other media.”

Now we may not be at the point where virtual reality is so realistic that it may seem real but technology is getting there. Innovations such as the Oculus Rift help advance virtual reality to make it a feasible concept. The Oculus Rift is mainly a gaming device that utilizes the virtual reality concept.

Junior William Menjivar says, “The Oculus Rift is a device that utilizes the idea of virtual reality. It’s almost like goggles, except it takes you on an adventure through virtual worlds. You could watch television shows, play video games and probably more.” While Wisniewski says, “I actually believe that technology is changing virtual reality to become even more realistic, in terms of how its changing life I feel like virtual reality in certain ways decreasing the amount of time that people spend I guess true reality. At the same time it could provide a venue for people to interact in a way that they might not normally interact, whether it’s because of geographical distances or a variety of other factors that prevent people from interacting.”

While there is all this positive to the idea of virtual reality, it could affect people in many different ways. Menjivar says, “Virtual reality is going to catalyze a whole new industry in the media. New platforms will be created with virtual reality, and many current devices will become obsolete. People will have a whole new industry to enjoy, and better yet, innovate.”

The future for virtual reality is definitely vast and there is still a big future ahead for it whether it is positive or negative. Wisniewski says, “I think it could be as realistic as a book called Ready Player One where truly the entire race/population is in a form of virtual reality. People will pay to have more lifelike experiences within the virtual reality system but it might not necessarily be beneficial for the human race.”

Virtual reality really is an interesting concept to say the least. With the technologies we have today we are just starting the actual application of the idea. Only the future awaits as we further our capabilities in technology.