Why Play Sports in the Winter

Kimbily Warner, Writer

As the leaves turn and fall away, cleats and clubs are stored away, students of High Point High School are gearing up for the upcoming sports season this winter.

The winter sports are as followed, basketball (girls’ and boys’), wrestling, swimming, cheerleading, and indoor track. Ms. Shirley Diggs, Athletics Director, stated, “Students must have a 2.0 on their first quarter report card to participate in the winter athletics.”

In wrestling, you wrestle people that are the same weight as you; size is not an issue as it may be in a sport like football or basketball. With swimming, you get to practice individually, since swimming is an individual sport and you get to practice different swimming techniques such as backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and flip-turns. In basketball you get to learn the fundamentals of the game such as how to play the game, how to pass, dribble, and run the court. With indoor track you run on a 200 meters long track instead of a  400 meter long track and you also do different events than you would do outside.

Sports are a great way to get involved. Dami Oloyede, girls’ basketball player, stated, “You get to make new friends, basketball is fun and you get to learn something new everyday.”

Diggs stated, “Sports allows a person to be involved in the school and to be a part of something positive. It allows the student to have a sense of responsibility and help build unity within the school and the team. Most of all, when a person is involved in some activity of the school, it helps them academically to excel.”

Many students, as they join a sport, have goals that they want to achieve before the season is over. Oloyede stated, “My goal is that we beat more than four teams and make it to the second round of playoffs.”

One goal that Diggs has is “for all the athletes to continue to give their best and help build High Point spirit ‘EAGLE NATION’.”