Comic Book Readers Rejoice!

Kimbily Warner

Comic book readers rejoice! This year, Hollywood is turning out a plethora of comic book movies that will make your comic book heart skip a beat, also it will pin two big name comic book companies against one another.

With different superhero movies coming out, it will be pinning Marvel Comics and DC Comics against one another. Marvel Studios, for years has been dominating the superhero world, but Warner Bros is stepping up to the plate with a pair of big titles based on DC Comics characters.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (in theaters March 25), brings together the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. Next, Suicide Squad (Aug 5), is an antihero ensemble featuring the assassin Deadshot, bat-wielding, make up-clad mad woman Harley Quinn, and the iconic supervillain the Joker.

Marvel is bringing out old and new movies such as Deadpool (Feb 12), which is an origin story, Captain America: Civil War (May 6), which will be about Cap and Iron Man becoming enemies after disagreeing about a new form of legislation, X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27), in which the mutants must join forces in order to battle the titular Apocalypse, and Doctor Strange (Nov 4), which tells the origin story of Stephen Strange, according to

Carol Diaz Pinto, avid comic book fan, states, “I’m excited to see Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman.”

Leslie Arriaga, comic book fan ever since she could understand what a comic book was, stated, “I am most excited to see Suicide Squad and Deadpool.”

With so many superhero movies coming out it raises the question, of whether or not people will get bored of watching these types of movies.

Diaz stated, “People aren’t bored of watching these types of movies because it opens up their imagination. They get to be someone they aren’t. It is open to all ages, which allows us to be little kids again.”

Comic books not only are big hits at the box office, they also influence the younger generation by giving them something to believe in and inspiring them to go after what they want in life. Diaz states, ” Comic books influence the younger generation by telling them that there is no problem that they can’t fix. It allows them to be powerful. However, we see the discrimination of female fans and superheroes. It seems as though the public doesn’t believe that they belong there. This can influence girls to fight the prejudice and strive above it.”

(When asked about what superhero they would be for the day), Arriaga states, “I would be The Flash. I would love to see how it feels to see the world like it’s going in slow motion or the sensation of going really really fast.” While Diaz stated, I would be Iron Man because his suit is awesome and I love his witty comebacks.”