Swimming: “Most Team Spirit”


At the county swim championships, High Point High School’s Swim Team walked away with a trophy awarding them with “Most Team Spirit.”

The swim team not only cheered and showed their team spirit throughout the season, but they also focused on being ready for their competitions.

“Our goals for this season [included] our swimmers just becoming more versatile, so knowing all the strokes and being able to swim in events that are a little outside of their comfort zone, and then also just building up our team,” stated Ms. Carlee Moir, swimming coach.

Swimming is an individual sport that allows you to be confident in how you swim and how fast you swim when knowing different types of strokes. However, the individual swimmers must work together to become one unit and win as a team. Clearly this team was united as they showed the most school spirit and supported one another!

Congratulations, swim team!