Cheerleading: A Life Experience

Janai Mejiaordaz, Writer

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Keep your head high; your bow higher and your confidence highest”

       Cheerleading is not easy: you have to  balance a social life, school, practice and family. However, the excitement of having a lot of friends and being an athlete is totally worth it!While cheerleading, you are supporting your team. Most of the time you have to cheer for your team in and out of your comfort zone so it can be a challenge.
         People say cheerleading is not a sport; however, cheerleaders have to lift twice their weight, catch the flyers, dance, jump, smile and cheer. Endurance are strength synonymous with cheerleading! Most people think of cheer as an easy sport, but most practices involve hardcore workouts, like running, push ups and etc, so don’t take cheerleading for granted.

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