Homecoming 2016!

Roxana Santos

High Point brings their old traditions back to life.

Students of their class had the opportunity to decorate their hallway. This was one way to get the student body excited for the annual Fall Pep Rally on October 28, 2016.

Students decorated sections of the school in their class colors, purple, orange, green, and red. These colors represented the four different classes, everyone in the school participated in it. 

Seniors decorating the lobby with their class color, purple, with posters and banners with puns. Some being “THE WA17 IS OVER”, “OUR BIG EX17” hung over the exit of the lobby and a big  “SENIORS” banner with handprints.  

Juniors decorated the second floor hallway in their class color, orange, with banners and posters by their junior sponsor Ms. Walter. The banners included puns saying “IT TOOK 2018 YEARS TO MAKE A CLASS THIS GREAT” and “1 DREAM 1 TEAM 2018”

This hallway decorating leading up to having the High Point annual Fall Pep Rally, at the stadium on October 28, 2016. The student body showed school spirit by dressing out in their class colors and had activities, such as, musical chairs and tug-of-war, against each class. Then, the presented the fall sports teams, here, at High Point. 

“It was fun for me especially because I am a SGA rep and I really enjoyed helping organize this event and trying to making it the best for everyone” said Xeneida Hernandez, senior. 

This pep rally lead up to High Point’s Homecoming Dance, that was on October 29, 2016. 

Students at High Point danced the night away to the 90s theme, in the gymnasium. The retro-themed homecoming was considered a success for many as the students, whom enjoyed a night with friends, eating and dancing to a variety of music genres.

“Homecoming was great and there was such positive energy throughout the whole night” said Alexis Flores, senior.

Every year a group of students are nominated by their peers for homecoming court. This years homecoming winners were:

(Seniors) King and Queen:

・Kayalie Theophile

・ Masiel Ramirez

(Juniors) Prince and Princess:

・Vernon Patten

・Jacqueline Valdez

(Sophomores) Duke:

・Joshua Martinez Lopez

(Freshmens) Lord and Lady:

・Rowan Johnson Jr.

・Crystal Khoeun