Food, Festivities and Fun at High Point’s Annual Hispanic Heritage Night

Enoc Granados

October 14th, 2016- The Hispanic Heritage Night was an event to remember as the community came together to celebrate the achievements and culture of Hispanic-Americans in Beltsville and beyond.

I think being hispanic or latino is having a connection to Latin America and Spain, whether you were born there or not. I guess what I’m trying to say being hispanic is not where you are from but it’s sharing a culture with people who speak a common language, spanish in this case. Said Estefany Ayala, Senior at High Point High School.

Why do you think it is important for events like these to be continued?

Hispanic Culture is so diverse, so unique that events like these help showcase the Latino culture and how we are many different peoples who share a language and a special culture. It also helps teach a new generation of Latin-Americans their ancestry and keep them in touch with their culture.

What did you enjoy most about the Hispanic Heritage Night?

I enjoyed everything, the food, the activities, the atmosphere. But what I enjoyed the most was the dances. Groups from different countries performed dances and songs that are native to their countries. Even High Point’s Dance Team performed a few of their own. It was really fun.

What is one thing you learned from this event?

I was really surprised to see so many different countries make up the hispanic culture. It gave me a better sense of how diverse our culture is. Even though we are all different, we come from different  countries and have different backgrounds, but our culture unites us.

Estefany was right. We are all different, we come from different places, we have different goal, dreams, different stories but our values, our beliefs, our language, our culture makes us one people.