Eight Tips for Applying to College


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College Just Ahead Green Road Sign illustration design over white

  1. Do NOT procrastinate! Applying to colleges and/or universities is a lengthy process. Basic information like your address and who lives with you, can quickly add up, especially if you are applying to more than two institutions.
  2. Be organized. Use your agenda book, planner, or phone calendar because it is crucial you meet deadlines on time.
  3. Transcripts, recommendation, and teacher forms are in room 110. If you are running out of time, please contact your counselor on what you should do.
  4. Look for a mentor. Applying to college is nerve-wracking, particularly if you have no idea what you are doing. Look for someone that has been through the college process, ask for advice.
  5. Apply to schools with rolling admissions, these schools don’t have firm deadlines and will continue to accept applications until the classes are filled.
  6. Apply to many scholarships now. There are a lot of opportunities open to all types of people.
  7. Look out for college application nights and workshops around your area.
  8. Finally, if you are so behind in applications and paperwork, consider community college. Then transfer to a college or university after your two years!

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