A College Fair to Remember

Keila Lobos-Hernandez

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On Wednesday 19, 2016, High Point High School and Mary A. Lehman, District One Council Member, hosted a College Fair for students and parents. The event promptly started at 6:30 p.m. Colleges such as Towson University, University of Maryland, Harvard University sent representatives to the event.

 Students had a variety of institutions to talk to. “One thing I learned is to broaden my horizon and learn and try new things like this college fair,”said Kelly Silver, senior at High Point.

There were many colleges and universities at the College Fair, a lot of students, especially juniors, were motivated to get started. “The College Fair helped me a lot, it opened my eyes to different entirely types of colleges. “I am looking forward to more opportunities to learn more about the college process,”said Niala Walker and Alexus Jordan, juniors.

  Also, this event gave students and parents the chance to ask questions first hand instead of emailing them. “Definitely, instead of researching colleges I get to talk to representatives, I feel comfortable asking them questions, it’s very helpful to have an opportunity like this,” said John Bui, junior at HighPoint.

   Overall, the event was a success. Schools from all over the country were there that night. Honestly, a memorable event to share with others, year after year as students uncover new paths to follow to commence their bright futures.