University of Maryland Field Trip

University of Maryland Field Trip

Keila Lobos-Hernandez, Writer

During the month of November, the Advanced Placement Literature students read Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Mrs. Colson, one of the AP Literature teachers at High Point, came up with a brilliant idea: a field trip. Mrs. Colson planned the activity to visit the University Maryland’s English department.

This memorable field trip took place on November 2, 2016. With the help of Ms. Walthers, Ms. Simmons, and Mrs. King, the chaperones divided the students into four groups. The chaperones and the students boarded the two buses. Upon arrival at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism building, Dr. Karen Nelson welcomed students and chaperones. The legendary U.M.D. professors, Dr. Maynard Mack, Dr. Michael Olmer, Dr. Heather McHale, Dr. Dr. Valerie Johnson, Dr. Linda Coleman, and Dr. Karen Nelson took the time out their day to talk to High Point students about a classic novel.

The AP Literature classes talked about Hamartia, Tragic Hero, Old World and the New World. So many concepts were introduced! For lunch, the students had an opportunity to grab lunch at the Union Square. As they received their lunch, they had time to reflect on how their future might look in a couple of months.

After, the students went to the last of four teachers. Dr. Maynard Mack distributed handouts which read, “Hamlet: You, me, all of us.” A video and poem was presented by Dr. Michael Olmert. On the bus ride back to High Point, students talked on they were riveted by these professors’ lessons. All of the students were very thankful that a field trip this big was able to be pulled off. It definitely made history for the High Point’s English department!