New Face, New Future

Dariana Durante, Writer

We wanted to know more about our new principal, Ms. McClure, so The Beacon decided to interview her. We began by asking for her opinions on High Point before she became our principal; she said that she viewed High Point as a “blank slate and didn’t hear a lot of negative things” about our school. Ms. McClure said that her top priority is to “promote all of the great things students are doing and the great works that is going on here.”

We asked her about how she is planning on making High Point High School better and she responded “provide programs that meets the needs for our diverse students population,” so if a transfer student from a different country is coming to our school, he or she will get the help needed to get a diploma and be college and career ready. Lastly, we inquired about her expectations of students. She said that, “Students shouldn’t try to be just an average student, but an excellent student, and push themselves to do better and respect always among everyone.”