Our Superwomen


Angie Gonzalez, Writer

img_0921We’re all very aware of High Point girls soccer team. Their enthusiastic reputation precedes them. The girls have had their best season to date. The girls soccer team has yet to win a championship, but they are not letting that bring them down; in fact, it has made them stronger and it motivates them to do better, so that one year they will win a championship for High Point.
Even though the team had an impressive season of  9-2-1, the athletes maintained focus on the prize: the championship. They had won the first round of the playoffs against Northwestern. It was an intense game when they were tied 0-0 and had extra time which led them to penalties, in which they won (3-2). The girls and the people who attended the game were excited.
No one was as happy as their coach, Coach Hyde, who said, “When we passed the first round of playoffs I was in disbelief at first. Not only were we advancing in the playoffs, but we had just beat northwestern, two things that were brand new for hp soccer. Once it sunk in that we had won, I was ecstatic and so excited I could barely contain myself. Seeing how excited the girls on the team were and that their hard work was paying off is one of the best and most rewarding things I have ever experience.”
Unfortunately, our team lost the second round of playoffs the girls had lost 1-0. However, losing didn’t crush them; it motivated them to want to do even better for the next season.  Losing is essential to anyone’s success. The more you lose, the more you want to win and that’s what the soccer team will keep in mind. One once said that “The toughest losses makes the strongest team.” There is no “I” in team and this team for sure doesn’t only think of themselves but they think of each other as a whole.