Career Day

Edwin Abarca, Editor

Three individuals came to High Point High School to share their intriguing careers with students at High Point and pointed out their reasons for success. An African American who works with NFL players to better help their lives after their years in the NFL came to speak. He explained his tragic story of how he desired to become a professional football player and suffered a severe concussion. As a result, he pursued his education and obtained a bachelor and master degree. He now helps out NFL players to think of the future after their careers and pursue a higher education. The second individual was an African-American entrepreneur who works on expanding his business. He shared with students his lack of interest in education in his high school years. He also shared how her later strived for success as he saw his friend’s lives crumble and saw that change had to be made. He now makes a generous amount of money and lives a well stable life. The third individual to come a visit was a former counselor from High Point High to shed some advice about keeping grades up and not giving up on your dreams. The three individuals who came and visited High Point High School have brightened the future of the students my giving well thought and meaningful advice for the future.