Science Fair 2018

Jordyn Desir, Writer


Our very own rising science stars participated in a Science Fair which took place in the Media Center at High Point High School on the 1st of February 2018. Approximately 60 individuals attended (excluding judges), where some of the most interesting topics were explored. Judges were selected for their interest in STEM with much consideration and therefore invited to be this years judges. These projects ranged from anatomy of the muscle’s fatigueness and its overall size to subjects of biology in communication between plants. Even one of the projects discussed one of our most pressing issue- global warming. The projects regarding plants were abundant and very interesting and innovating this year, according to AP Biology teacher, Miss Laura Hernandez. This event was only the first step into the broader realm of the competition. Therefore the winners received certificates, ribbons and received the opportunity to move further into the competition on a school level. 32 science projects were entered (the entries were made by a varied group with 10th, 11th and 12th graders). These young men and women are the future of our nation and their pursue toward the STEM field has only begun.

First Place

Students: Kylene, Ysela, and Ricardo

Project Title: Caffeine for the roots

Teacher: Ms. Crucido

Second Place (tie)

Students: Urian, Hector, Emerson

Project Title: Photosynthesis VS The World

Teacher: Ms. Hernandez

Students: Anushri, Emmanuel, Michael

Project Title: Attenuating Mold

Teacher: Ms. Hernandez

Third Place

Students: Yasmin

Project Title: Iron in Cereal

Teacher: Ms. Peterkin

Honorable Mention

Maria and Jasmin – Color Preferences

Yeabsera, Mario, and Daril – Slope vs. Velocity

Yesly – What you see

Chanel, Shepsura, and Ragan-lei – Talk to Me

Rudy – How does pH affect plant growth?

Alexia – The race of chemical energy

Nina and Yasmin – Fighting the flu

Nana – Chewing gum can boost brain power


Third Place project by Yasmin

Congratulations Kylene, Ysela, and Ricardo !!!