Ms. Kohn Retires from High Point High School

Edwin Abarca, Editor

Ms. Kohn has been the counselor from High Point High School for quite a while. She has given guidance to many students in her years at High Point High School. Ms. Kohn’s level of education consists of bachelor an in science, a masters in human development, and a concentration in counseling. Her education has certainly allowed her to fully understand a student’s issue and come up with a great solution. She enjoys her job because she is able to work with young individuals and tries to shape up their future. Her day consists of doing paperwork and trying to solve any issues that students may encounter in school or at home. Her greatest contributions to the community at High Point High School are helping guiding students and organizing events at High Point, such as the college fair. Her life in high school included things like playing the orchestra, participating in the talent show, and being the drummer in the school’s marching band. Her fondest memory is collecting coke bottles and exchanging it for money, so she could buy snacks for her orchestra. The thing that motivated her to keep on doing her job was the students at High Point High School and their goals for the future. “Stay focused and to give back. Stay determined and don’t forget where you came from.” are some advice that she gives to anyone who wishes to fulfill their goals.