Book Review: Sky-ship Academy: The Pearl Wars

Rebeca Diaz, Writer

Today’s book that I have decided to commence a review on is “Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars” by the author Nick James. This book is classified under the genre of science fiction. The setting takes place in the United States but way way into the future, the year is 2094 and the United States at the time is recovering from chemical bombs called the Scarlet Bombings, which attacked the major cities in the country. Due to this it has caused for the country to split into two major groups, one is the United Party which is still abiding to the old U.S. government and lives on the surface while the other group, the Skyshippers, like in city like ships in the stratosphere. These two groups don’t have much in common and barely get along by one thing that they both need and agree on is that they both depend on “pearls”. Which give enough energy to light up entire cities and need them in order to prosper. Those that collect the pearls are called Pearl Hounds and are always in a constant race to see who will find and being back these “pearls” to their cities. Jesse and Cassius are both Pearl Hounds but from opposite cities. Jesse is a Skyshipper and Cassius is from the United Parth and on a mission to find a pearl they bump into each other and face off to see who would obtain the “pearl” but what they got instead is the last thing they expected. When they touch a huge blast is emitted and they both go flying off but they both survive without a scratch to be seen. This book tells the story about the discovery of powers from two boys who are what seems to be worlds apart that in the brings them together and while also discovering the truth behind the “pearls”. This book really captures your attention and draws you in with the constant action and brings you to the edge of your seat, hoping that Jesse and Cassius don’t get caught and are able to survive. The meaning of friendship shines through while the world around them fights against them and you can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two.